NTFS formatted truecrypt volumes

I have an encrypted USB drive that I use both with Linux, Mac and MS Windows based systems. The most portable filesystem to use for such a situation is NTFS (FAT has too many limitations and getting a Windows machine to read/write any non M$ filesystem is too much of a hassle.

The most portable disk encryption that I know of is Truecrypt, so that is what I use to encrypt the disk (this Howto is based on version 7.1a).

Debian cheatsheet


The article contains a list with Debian specific configuration and command (largely related to Debian package management).

Booting Fedora 17 with Grub2-efi

After my installation of Fedora from scratch, I needed to install a boot loader. Since my system supports UEFI boot, my preference was to use that. Fedora has a Grub2 package with support for UEFI booting: grub2-efi. This article describes the procedure to install and configure your system to boot from an UEFI boot partition.

Fedora from scratch


In my post about setting up my new virtualization server I explained that I wanted to move from Debian to Fedora, because libvirt is better supported in that distribution. That posed my for quite a challenge. My new setup supports EFI boot, so I initially downloaded the test install image for Debian Squeeze.

How to fix distorted graphics in the Fedora 17 installer


When I tried to install Fedora 17 using the graphical installer it initially failed, because the graphics driver caused the screen to be distorted to a point that I could not read the text any more.

Setting up the ideal Linux virtualization server

When I recently bought a new server, I didn't expect to run into so much trouble migrating my setup from the old to the new one. I have a server running several "virtual machines" using the OpenVZ container technology. The server itself is running Gentoo Linux, but this distribution just takes too much time maintaining.

Puppet, storeconfigs & activerecord troubles

Last night I installed a fresh server (Debian Wheezy) to migrate my puppetmaster to my new server. The installation went smooth until I tried to update the puppetmaster with puppet. It failed with the following error:

Error: Could not retrieve catalog from remote server: Error 400 on
SERVER: Could not autoload puppet/indirector/node/active_record:
uninitialized constant ActiveRecord

Fix for DigiNotar CA certificate for Android

After even Apple fixed their software to reject certificates issued by Diginotar, Android is (one of?) the last platform that did not issue a fix. Given the fact that this whole affair started, because Google users' confidentiality was compromised by the Iranian government using a false certificate from DigiNotar, this is quite surprising.

IPv6 privacy extensions for Android

Update: Fix now available in format. All current Android phones have IPv6 enabled by default, which means that as soon as you connect to an IPv6 enabled network (e.g. via Wifi) you will start using IPv6 with an IP address that reveals your MAC address of your network interface.

mythfs-0.24.3 released

This is a bugfix release fixing several problems in previous versions. It is highly recommended to upgrade.

Changelog of this release:

  • Bugfixes to the replace_map function. Previously, no recording could be found when a title was changed. This is fixed now.
  • Bugfixes to the delete function to prevend deleted recordings to reappear in the folder listing when the cache is refreshed.
  • Proper support for international language support. utf-8 is tested, latin1 only partially (send in your bugs!).
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