MythFS: MythTV the Unix way


This little tool can be used to make MythTV recordings easily accessible to
programs without implementing any interface towards MythTV, because each
recording is just a file. After mounting the filesystem, a virtual directory
structure is created with 3 top entries: Programs, Dates and Channels. All
recordings appear as directories and files in this tree. Currently, the only
operations supported are:

  • browsing the directory tree
  • reading individual recordings
  • deleting recordings (for protocol versions 40 and 44)


I wrote MythFS, because I really like the MythTV backend and Mythweb, but I am
not too enthousiastic about the MythTV frontend. I am using XBMC
( on an Apple TV to view the recordings and somehow none
of the offered interfaces towards Myth suit my needs: the native XBMC interface
(myth://mythtv:mythtv@ crashes my backend, the Python script
mythbox ( and finaly the UPNP interface (which
functioned really well in XBMC on my Xbox) does not allow seeking in

By mounting the MythTV recordings in a directory that is shared with Samba, I
can now view my recordings on every device that can read an SMB share...

Ideas for the future

The following features might be added to MythFS in the future (in descending

  • browsing the list with recording schedules
  • deleting a scheduled recording
  • browsing the program guide
  • schedule a recording by copying a program from the program guide to the directory with scheduled recordings

You can download the latest release from SourceForge: MythFS : Files.
Debian and Ubuntu users can also add my repository to apt: just follow these instructions.