It has been a while, but here's a brand new release of mythfs. From now on Mythfs release numbers will be synchronised with the Mythtv releases, so you can easily download the version matching your backend.

The main changes are:
1) Support of all recent MythTV versions (up to 0.24). Mythtv protocol version up to 65 are supported, including the new (crazy) release tokens

2) Support for user configurable replacement of characters: some characters are not allowed in filenames, most notably slashes (/). It is now possible to replace all characters you do not want in a name of a recording for a configurable alternative.
Just add something like this to your mythfs.conf file:
replace_map = {'/': '-', '"': '.', 'apple': 'pear'}

3) Configurable main categories:
Translate 'Programs', 'Channels' and 'Dates' in your own language or any other string you like

4) Debian and ubuntu packages (64bit only)

Download release 0.24.1 from Sourceforge or add my repository to your Debian or Ubuntu installation:

sudo echo deb squeeze main unstable > \
sudo echo deb-src squeeze main unstable >> \
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-key 504D3831

Update your repository and install the package:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python-mythfs

Want to know more about Mythfs? Please visit the overview page. Mythfs is an add-on for MythTV.


Heres a patch to list recording groups find any where else to send this... :)


I do not use recording groups myself, but I'm working on a new release currently and will take a look at your patch.

You need some kids fulling up

You need some kids fulling up the list with cartoons, recording groups are a saving grace ;)

If xbmc had a schedulur I'd probably swap but with my simplified mythtv menus its wife and kid proof now

I have noticed some thing though I tired to copy a file from the mythfs to a folder so I could compress it and it always crashes after about 2gb of copying